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Links... The SPD Foundation ... expanding knowledge, fostering awareness and promoting recognition of Sensory Processing Disorder since 1979. Facts and Fallacies, by VisionHelp, is a site that provides accurate information about vision therapy. Written by leading optometric experts in the field of developmental vision, Facts and Fallacies is dedicated to debunking the myths and misrepresentations about vision therapy that occur in the media or through misinformed professionals and other groups Parents Active for Vision Education P.A.V.E.® After P.A.V.E.® was founded by Marjie Thompson, it grew nationally by the reciprocal support of parents and teachers with children in their homes and classrooms who had suffered the effects of undiagnosed vision problems. After years of searching for answers to their children’s learning problems, their children were finally diagnosed and successfully treated by a Developmental/Behavioral Optometrist through a form of treatment called VISION THERAPY!

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Professional Organizations...
College of Optometrists for Vision Development
The Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association